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Are you tired of searching for coupons and offers for your online purchases? Look no further, Alissa has done the job for you!

Alissa is your personal online mobile shopping assistant for Android. Alissa presents coupons and offers to you while you browse the websites of your favorite online stores in a non intrusive way.
Find and discover great deals, unique offers and money saving coupons while you surf the web, without the hassle of visiting forums or deal aggregators to get the best bang for the buck.
Currently Alissa offers:

* Live Coupons in your browser
* Live Promotions in your browser
* Pick your favorite stores
* See coupons and promotions from your favorite stores
* Browse all coupons and promotions

Alissa will find coupons, deals and sales promotions for a wide range of stores such as Amazon, Forever21, eBay, Target, Newegg, Dell, Walmart,and many more. New coupons, deals, promotions and webshops are added daily.

Alissa will help you to find coupons, deals and sales promotions for special occasions such as valentines day, Christmas, Thanksgiving, Father’s day, Mother’s day, Birthdays. Baby-showers and more.,

At this moment Alissa is compatible with the following Android browsers:
- Android Stock Browser
- Google Chrome

Alissa lists coupons and deals for many countries such as:
- United States
- Germany
- United Kingdom
- India
- The Netherlands
- Australia
- Canada
And new countries are added regularly.

Let us know how you find Alissa. Alissa is constantly learning and developing herself, she would love to hear from you on how she can improve her service.

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** This app might be incompatible with other apps and plugins such as Priceblink, Invisble hand, Coupons.com, Retailmenot or other coupon apps or browser addons. Please report incompatibility issues and other bugs to us so we can fix them.


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